Important requirements for hiring an intern

2 years ago

It often comes from good intentions: giving someone who has just graduated or is still in school a chance to gain working experience as an intern. You pay indemnities, have a motivated worker at your disposal and if it’s a good fit and the company can afford it, it may lead to a paid job. But please note: in the Netherlands, you are not allowed to hire an intern outside of an education programme. You have to be able to show that there is a contract/agreement between the employer, intern and school. If this is not the case, then a regular employment contract applies, and you are required to pay the employee at least minimum wage.

If you pay a current employee less than minimum wage under an internship agreement while they are not doing the internship as part of their education programme, you are running the risk of inspection imposing a fine starting at €500 which can go as high as €10,000 per case. Furthermore: afterwards the employee can still make a claim to overdue wages, even if no fine was imposed.

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